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Who is Alondra Cecilia Gorham?

Alondra’s dad Christopher is famous for the ABC series “Ugly Betty”. Alondra is your granddaughter of David Gorham and mom Cathryn Gorham. Her dad Christopher has also appeared in this series as Popular, Odyssey 5, Felicity, Jake 2. 0, Medical Investigation, from Practice, Harper’s Isle, Covert Affairs and far more. Alondra Cecilia’s dad starred at the 2009 CBS TV miniseries,” Harper’s Isle, where characters were murdered each week causing the eventual show of their murderer. Alondra Cecilia Gorham includes two old brothers. Her brother, Ethan had been born at 2003, also Lucas Gorham that had been born in 2001.

Occasionally she appeared at public areas along with her parents’ ‘ along with 2 elder brothers.

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