How rich is Regunatha Pichai? Bio: Height, Dating, Net Worth, Married

Who is Regunatha Pichai?

An Indian scientist, Regunatha Pichai is now married to stenographer Lakshmi Pichai. He worked as an electrical engineer to the British conglomerate GEC, in which he had to handle a mill that made electric parts. Regunatha climbed up at the middle-class household who was able to reside at a two-room home in Ashok Nagar, Chennai. Regunatha Pichai wed stenographer, Lakshmi Pichai and also have two kids called Sundar Pichai, born July 12,1972. He’s an Indian-American small business executive. He’s not faced any rumor or controversy within his lifetime and turned into a famous by his son Sundar Picha.


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