Is Esteban Paredes single? Wiki: Married, Net Worth, Dating, Spouse

Who is Esteban Paredes?

Esteban Efrain Paredes Quintanilla is a soccer player that is Chilean. Presently he’s playing with Chilean club called Colo-Colo. His youth was very hard. She is also considered by him. He had tried to live with his biological mother however, it didn’t worked out so he made a decision to reside together with his father along with his step mom. He’s represented Chile group that was national from 2014 World Cup and in the 2010. There is regarding his life.

There’s also no information regarding his love affairs too because he likes to maintain his private life in reduced profile. Beside his lifetime his life is excellent. And he’s a player that is good. There are rumors of his own transports from 1 club to the next although there is discovered on him.

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