Is Garrett Ecstasy married? Bio: Real Name, Spouse, Net Worth, Married

Who is Garrett Ecstasy?

Garrett Ecstasy has been the “screamer” from the group Blood on the Dance Floor but today he owes his brand newest job,a group called Boys Chat Trash. He got famous from the title Garrett Ecstasy he retained it in the title of medication ‘Ecstasy’. He analyzed at DeLand High School at Deadland, Florida. Garrett wasn’t the very first screamer within their group but he climbed up as a screamer later Matty M. abandoned the bunch. Dahvie was also communicating his sister so that they came to understand each other and began shooting in 2008. Garrett was quite famous at the group BOTDF but left the ring at the end of 2009 after he had a battle with Dahvie.

As he had been hooked on drugs, he often used them while still practicing. In addition, he accused Dahive of raping 11 years woman Jessi Slaughter but proven to be rumor.


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