Is Viveca Paulin single? Wiki: Net Worth, Son, High School, Parents

Who is Viveca Paulin?

A Swedish manufacturer, celebrity, also auctioneer, Viveca Paulin is married to actress, comedian, producer, and author Will Ferrell. The few wed on 12th August 2000. She’s an active part of Art community. She graduated in the attended to Pomona College. She’s acted in lots of moves a few of them really are now a Night at the Roxbury, The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, Younger so on. Daughter-in-law of Lee Ferrell. She has several lovers Viveca Paulin is a married individual.

The couple has three kids. Her first kid called Paulin Ferrell was born March 7, 2004. Her son called Mattias Ferrell was born on December 30, 2006. And her third boy called Axel Ferrell, was born January 23, 2010.


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