Is Zoraida Sambolin married? Wiki: Net Worth, Husband, Family, Salary

Who is Zoraida Sambolin?

A American television Writer Zoraida Sambolin is Now married to a former outfielder in Major League Baseball in Addition to Present Executive Vice President of the Chicago White Sox, Kenny Williams. The couple wed in July 2014. Zoraida is well-known for co-anchoring the series termed ‘Early Start’ by John Berman on CNN. Zoraida is your very first Chicago broadcaster. She started her together with WYCC-TV. Zoraida Sambolin married two. The couple has two kids, 1 son called Nicolas Sambolin and daughter Sofia Sambolin afterward she kissed her first husband and married to Kenny Williams.

Zoraida has as a founder in addition to a number of the renowned series called”Small Talk for Children” as well as a Spanish series”Nuestros Ninos” around WSNS-TV. Nuestra Familia is the favorite wellness and family collection.

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