What happened to Jelle Van Vucht? Wiki: Brother, Family, Facts

Who is Jelle Van Vucht?

Jelle Van Vucht is by nationality and was born and raised at Roermond. His YouTube station has 5.8 million followers and that he has his own clothing line.

Historical Education & life

The Dutch YouTuber Jelle Van Vucht is best known by her stage Titles Jelle Bay, Jelly, or Jelly Bay. He’s a gifted YouTuber using a station known as “JellyYT” in which Jelle uploads humor gaming movies and vlogs. Even the 20-years-old Jelle belongs to both white ethnicity and retains Dutch nationality. He had been increased in Roermond together along with his own parents. He’d an Audio-visual class within his birthplace but stopped to concentrate on his companies in YouTube.

YouTube Career

In addition, he can help to market content founders within YouTube gaming community via his additional station GTA5Videoes. Jelle also includes a clothes line for that he made a name for himself by promoting different items to his lovers. He fulfilled Kwebbelkop along with Kodi Brown while creating his Youtube movies and became best buddies with the latter. He’s over 5.8 million followers onto his YouTube stations. Jelle is a part of a tiny group known as “Robust” who play games such as Gmod, Scrap Mechanic, and GTA and upload movies on various gaming problems in their various YouTube stations. He’s over 266k followers on Instagram along with 78K followers on Twitter.

Personal life

The handsome and youthful Jelle Van Vucht was dating a fellow YouTuber Sanna from ancient 2014, that also includes a YouTube station of her own termed IamSanna. Jelle is extremely dedicated to his girlfriend. Jelle often moves together with Sanna to fresh locations and states whenever and where she would like to.

Jelle’s Net Worth

The gifted and hardworking gaming YouTuber Jelle Van Vucht comes with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million bucks through uploading videos on YouTube. Jelle uploaded two movies daily, along with the movies from the station get a regular of 3 million views every day. His movies make an estimated sum of about $4,500 per day ($1.6 million each year) from advertisements that are viewed on the movies. Product is also sold by him to his supporters.

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