What happened to Kaitlin Cullum? Bio: Net Worth, Now, Wedding, Dating

Who is Kaitlin Cullum?

Kaitlin Cullum, known Chiefly Because the Personality of Libby Kelly in the sitcom “Grace Under Fire”, Has Been Created to Girls Kathy Cullum and Leo Cullum at Los Angeles, California. Her dad has been a cartoonist for The New Yorker magazine. She’s an official kid actor who got into modeling when she was 4 years old. Kaitlin got curious about modeling after the photographer asked to have a photo of her while she had been attending auditions. Kaitlin Cullum is the sister of Kimberly Cullum who’s also a child performer. She’s also famous for her roles at Grace Under Fire (1993), Galaxy Quest (1999) and A Little Princess (1995). Kaitlin is also considering drawing, which could be the end consequence of her dad functioning as cartoonist.


She’s also acted in”Annie” that was made by Showboat Youth Theater and functioned as a dancer from the Malibu Ballet Society’s”Small Daylight. ” Kaitlin has also worked about more than twenty national advertisements.

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