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Who is Randy Blythe?

He’s staged as guest vocalist for groups such as Gojira and Cannabis Corpse. Before he had been vocalist of God he was able to work. He joined the group after he turned twenty five years old. At the beginning, the group was called Burn The Priest and afterwards in 1995 it was renamed as portion of God. He had been headlines after he had been charged and attracted to custody to the departure of 19-year-old enthusiast afterwards throwing him off the platform in a concert. He was published in bond. Seeing his private life he’s happily married with his love of existence.

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“Share The Stoke” 6.2.2018 Asbury Park, NJ. Have you ever seen a 6’4” Pomo tribe Native American in a wetsuit? SWIPE LEFT & you will. Yesterday my homie @cshields12 came & scooped me & @chuckfcknbilly up from the gig & took us to Asbury Park to surf. I LOVE ASBURY PARK, NJ. We got some breakfast sandwiches at Frank’s (killer old-school Jersey spot), then went down to meet our bro Shaun who runs @summertimesurf, the raddest surf camp on the Jersey shore- Shaun always has great vibes & a board for me to borrow when I pop by on tour. My friend @robertsiliato met us there & shot photos & let me ride his board too. Keep in mind that Chuck is 55 fucking years old & has never surfed- when I asked him if he wanted to go, he was totally down. SURFING IS NOT EASY- it is not something you just go out & do & immediately start ripping. A lot of people will get in the ocean & realize that & just give up- I saw Chuck charging for a few waves & get TOTALLY PUNISHED, but he still stayed in the water- then he went & played a ripping show with his band @testamentofficial. When people make excuses about why they won’t try things they’ve “always wanted to try”, I hear fear & laziness. If you want to try something- JUST TRY IT. STOP MAKING EXCUSES. NO ONE IS GOING TO MAKE ANYTHING HAPPEN FOR YOU. JUST GET OUT AND TRY. If you fail at first, it’s no big deal- just try it again. I was proud of my tour-mate yesterday for getting out there with us. I had fun, too- waves were small, & I surfed pretty conservatively since I tweaked my knee pretty badly skating the other day, but even a small wave presses the re-set button on my soul. Thanks @cshields12 for taking us as always, @summertimesurf for always ruling (if you’re in Jersey & want to learn, look them up & tell them I sent ya!), @chuckfcknbilly for surfing with me, @robertsiliato for the photos & the board- y’all all rule! YEEEEEEWWWWWWW! 🤙🏼 📷: @robertsiliato

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Collectively they’re parents of a beautiful girl. He’s not engaged himself in any sort of extra marital affair.


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