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Who is Mary Kay Letourneau?

Mary Katherine Schmitz a former college teacher who pleaded guilty to 2 counts of felony second-degree rape of a young child, her 12-year-old pupil, Vili Fualaau. Following her release from prison, Letourneau was caught by police in a vehicle with Fualaau.

Early Life and Education

Mary Katherine Schmitz was Created 30, January 1962 at Tustin, California, to Daddy John G. Schmitz, a University professor, and Mom Mary E, a chemist. She had three sisters among one of her brothers died by drowning at the family pool in their property. She attended Cornelia Connelly High Shool, all-girls Catholic School in Anaheim. California, in which she had been a part of Cheerleading Squad for Servite High School. She graduated from Arizona State University.

Personal Life

Later, in 1985, the couple got married and dropped school and moved into Steve’s hometown, where they had three additional kids in couple of decades. Back in 1989, Letourneau started teaching at Shorewood Elementry School, where she taught the sixth-grade pupils and Vili Fualaau was among these. Mary introduced Vili together with her eldest kid George and used to spend some time in her property. In June 1996, she began a sexual relationship with all the 13-year-old Vili. The association between Letourneau and Faulaau showed when her husband discovered love letters she had composed to Faulaau. At precisely the exact same month, a neighbor of Steve reported that the affair to Shorewood Elementry officials. In March 1997, she had been detained and charged with child rape. Three months afterwards, she pleaded guilty to second-degree rape and sentenced to seven years . Later, spending 80 afternoon ‘s in prison, she had been awarded a discharge on the state that she’ll take a treatment plan for sex offenders and have no connections with Fualaau. In February 1998, the Seattle Police captured Kay with Fualaau in a parked automobile, using $6,200 in money, passports, and receipts of $850 in clothes purchases that led police to figure out they were intending to flee the nation. Afterwards, she was sentenced to devote her entire prison sentence in Washington Correction Centre for ladies. Back in October 1998, she gave birth to the next daughter of Fualuua. Both women have been in custody of Fualaau’s moms. The custody of the four children was granted to him. Back in August 2004, after discharged from prison, Fualaau and Letourneau shortly got engaged. Back in May 2005, the couple wed at Winey at Woodinville, Washington. They offered their wedding movie to press. Letourneau’s story was made into a television picture in 2000 titled,” All-American Girl: The Mary Kay Letourneau narrative.

Net Worth

As of 2017. Her net worth is projected to be approximately $50 million from her teaching profession


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