Where really is Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon now? Wiki: Dating, Height

Who is Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon?

Who is Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon?

Three-time WKA World Kickboxing Champion with a list of 17-1-1 plus a 2nd-degree black buckle, Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon is famous because a stuntwoman, stunt twice, and Martial Artist. Back in April 2010, Cheryl was showcased on the cover and wrote a post for ‘Healthy Living Magazine’. Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon was formerly married to Shane Dixon, also a President of Stunts Unlimited before his departure due to complications brought on by cancer on 30th June 1999. She subsequently married Lindsey Duncan. Wheeler-Dixon obtained a Stunt Award for”Greatest Stunt Sequence” from the 2000 movie of Charlie’s Angels. Wheeler-Dixon additionally studied Judo, Aikido, also cried and educated for a little while together with kickboxer and celebrity Don Wilson.

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