Where really is Griffin Arnlund today? Wiki: Boyfriend, Measurements

Who is Griffin Arnlund?

Griffin Arnlund is a digital version in addition to social media character famous because of her movies on YouTube. She’s now dating the YouTube celebrity, Mikey.

Historical Life

Griffin Arnlund was created on October 24, 1997. She’s a native of Montana, U.S.


Arnlund is a version and societal websites character. Her work garnered her lovers. She’s also posted movie cooperating with The Rad and Reckless. Besides YouTube, she’s also busy on Instagram and contains over 460,000 followers. Her videos largely include hints and tricks that may be utilised in daily way of life and the style beauty hints. She’s been related to e.l.f makeup and contains attended BeautyCon. She used the system to carry up anti-bullying campaigns and struggle contrary to many societal problems such as domestic violence and sexism.


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Posted by Griffin Arnlund on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Particular Life

Arnlund is at a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Mikey Murphy. Mikey is a well recognized You Tuber using 1.3 million followers on his own YouTube channel. The duo shares a powerful bond. They also published the movie boyfriend label on YouTube at 2015.

Net worth

From her livelihood, Arnlund earns a nice sum as a networking personality and version. Her net worth is less than half an hour.


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