Where’s Arik Weinstein today? Wiki: Net Worth, Dating, Married

Who is Arik Weinstein?

Who is Arik Weinstein?

Arik Weinstein is a American aircraft accident. In February of 2012he began serving as a air craft mechanic to the global company called ‘Bombardier’. Arik is famous for being the husband of some of the very best models in the world, Bar Refaeli. Although the few weren’t capable to continue their connection for a lengthy duration, it had been almost sufficient for him to get recognition. As a matter of fact, nobody really knew him dated Refaeli. Now, however, he’s popular, much less as Refaeli, however as himself. It’s thought that Refaeli wed Arik so as to steer clear of the military service in Israel Defense Forces.

Thus, to be certain she didn’t even need to join the military force, Refaeli wed Arik Weinstein. On the other hand, the issue was later resolved when Arik Weinstein’s former spouse Bar Rafaeli be sure she would visit wounded soldiers of Israel Defense Forces.


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