Where’s India Eisley today? Bio: Mother, Parents, Relationship

Who is India Eisley?

Who is India Eisley?

India Eisley is a American actress, who played the major role of Sawa from the film ‘Kite’ and also ‘Underworld’ She had been born to actress Olivia Hussey and artist David Glen Eisley. Her mum, Anthony Eisley was also a performer, best known among the detective prospects, Tracy Steele, at the TV show ‘Hawaiian Eye’. She has two sisters. She started her acting career by age twelve when she’s first co-starred together along with her mum ‘Headspace’. In accordance with her people profile, India Eisley is perhaps single as there isn’t any information of her with boyfriend or events. But she’s been rumored that she’s dating her Sweet Audrina co-star William Moseley. She has two sisters: Actress Alexander Martin and Maximillian Fuse.


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