Where’s Marc Almond today? Bio: Net Worth, Son, Mother, Now, Single

Who is Marc Almond?

Who is Marc Almond?

Marc Almond, Created since Peter Mark Sinclair Almond, is a British singer-songwriter and Performer. He began recording and performing at the synthpop/new wave duo Soft Cell. After his parent’s divorce, the Marc was approved to a overall artwork design class at Southport College, where he studied performance art. Throughout the time in Art College, he failed a collection of performance theatre bits: the Andy Warhol inspired bit “Zazou”, “Glamour at Squalor” along with “Twilights and Lowlifes”. Marc’s passion for Siouxsie and the Banshees affected him to leave school with a 2. 1 honors amount and also he formed Soft Cell in 1979. The group dropped to fame in the early 1980s using their reach “Tainted Love”.

Marc Almond has said he succeeds being called ‘homosexual ‘ artist since it might marginalize his job. He’s been with the identical partner for at least 20 decades but hasn’t disclosed anything about your spouse.


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