Who has Travis Bacon dated? Wiki: Net Worth, Married, Mother, Son

Who is Travis Bacon?

Travis Bacon is famous for his portrayal from the 2005 film Loverboy. This was his introduction film. In fact, he came into prominence owing to his parents, that are widely commended, American actor and actor.

Historical life

Travis Bacon is the American actor who was born on 23 June 1989 at Los Angeles, California. His parents have been renowned actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. Bacon also offers a sister called Sosie Bacon. He climbed up at a regular encompassing along with his sister Sosie in spite of the fact that both his parents have been famous celebrities.


Travis began his career in the film Loverboy at 2005. This film was directed by his father. The cast of this movie included his mom for a direct, Dominic Scott Kay, Campbell Scott, his sister Sosie and so forth. Travis can be a musician Apart from acting. He’s the part of a rock-punk-funk ring known as Idiot Box. He also functioned as the head scientist and proprietor of Broken Box Recording Company located in New York.

Personal Life

The son of the renowned actor Kevin Bacon remains an eligible pupil. Travis hasn’t disclosed a lot about his private life. It appears he’s attempting to generate a name for themself with no correlated with his own parents. There’s not any information concerning his girlfriend or if he’s in a relationship or not. It may be presumed that he’s single and never married yet.

Net Worth

There’s not any net worth of Travis. However, his dad Kevin’s net worth is $50 million along with his mom ‘s net worth is $16 million.


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