Who really is Michael Caine? Wiki: Wife, Net Worth, Child, Children

Who is Michael Caine?

An English actor and writer, who’s famous because of his Cockney accent. He’s acted in over 115 films. He’s among the most recognized celebrities in England. Interstellar etc. are a few of the blockbuster film where he’s acted. His parents have been Ellen Frances Marie along with Maurice Joseph Micklewhite. He had been composed with Cuban belief.

He began his career at age 20 by starring Drunkard Hindley at a film called Wuthering Heights. Crossing eight years, he’s not engaged himself in any sort of contentious things that may impact his profession till date. Due to his stunning nature and catchy accent, so he had been loved by many women and his name was connected with many actors. He’s married twice. His first union was ineffective and got divorced along with his wife. Later on he remarried along with his fan. He’s the father of 2 brothers born every from both marriages.


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