Who’s Tim Drury dating? Wiki: Death, Net Worth, Parents, Married

Who is Tim Drury?

Timothy Drury, a keyboardist, guitarist, and vocalist, is presently married to Amanda Drury, an Australian journalist and news anchor for CNBC. Timothy was created into dad James Drury, an actress, and mom Cristall Orton. Timothy co-wrote Don Henley’s only real “That which differs Today “. Timothy Drury’s newest worthy album is “The Crossing”, that was broad published in Europe and it’s been played widely from the U. S. around the Weather Channel. He’s been touring with hot musicians and bands such as Bryan Adams, Melissa Etheridge, and The Eagles bands.

Timothy is married to Amanda Drury, also a journalist and news anchor for CNBC. The couple will be blessed with twins however there isn’t much details regarding the youngsters.


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